Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Meeting Notes

Grace- We need more regular meeting

Grace- We need more advertising , especially to assist with worms farms.
      • The Envirogroup believes that a the school needs to purchase new worm buckets. However the worm buckets need a lid rather than a bucket.
      • We also need to inform students what food can go into the worm buckets.
- For juniors, organise a colour competition that may be displayed in library.
- Poster need to look more professional, so students take more notice

School garden- Need fix the problem that no one caring for garden.
Fruit Tree Garden- Where the old vegetable gardens are???

Coes Ford:  

We had a discussion what activities that could change for the “ Coes Ford”. It was felt that year sevens and eight were allowed in the ford, where the younger students were allow.

Emelia -  Mention the idea of orienteering
- Mr Thurlow- Discuss that there might be safety issue.

Mr Thurlow- Running a competition that students or families make boats out of Harakeke.

Action plan- Mr Thurlow type up notes and have a meeting next Tuesday.

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