Thursday, June 13, 2013

Joe's Wisdom - Planting Burnham School's Orchard

TOday the Enviro rangers planted gorgous apple trees. Joe taught us how to plant them. some of us planted three big saplings. Joe cut the bags around the trees. Then we pulled the trees out of the bags that Joe had cut and put them in the holes next to the sapling. Then we put the dirt the around the trees and also flattened down the part around the trees. Next we shoveled the rest of the dirt in to a wheelbarrow. After every thing was finished we found grass grubs . Joe told us to kill them all because they eat roots,grass and plants. by Kayla and Haden

Enviro Rangers plant the Orchard

 Today the enviro rangers planted trees. Joe taught us how to plant the orchard, he cut the black plastic band and we picked them up and put them in the hole. Then we put dirt into the gaps, Emelia and Haden planted different trees compared to us. Sophie had the lucky job ,she did the photos and they were fantastic. While I was planting a tree Joe came long and told me to kill all the grass grubs because they kill the plants and hurt the grass. When we were on the last tree we found lots of grass grubs. Everyone did not know what they were but I did and I told them to kill them and they did. When we were finished we named our plants I named mine apples. I felt really good about planting new trees for our school and so did everyone else.

 Demi + Jasmine