Monday, September 22, 2014

Planting Burnham School's Bike Track

Today before lunch Michael, Harley and all of room 2 planted different types of native trees in Burnham school's bike track. We planted heaps of native plants all around the bike track The majority of us found it difficult getting the baby trees out of the containers. Also we found digging holes for the plants in the ground difficult because of the trees roots of established tree and the stones. After we finished the bike teach looked much tidier.

Monday, December 2, 2013

I want to be a Snail

If  I had another life I would be a lazy snail.

Snails don't have to go to school and do homework. They don't have to worry about a thing like an earthquake.

Snails travel in their own time, slowly moving around their environment. They leave a trail of greasy slime for people to follow.

Whenever , I  felt lazy or tired I would snuggle into my cosy shell and go to sleep. My favourite thing to do is to munch all day long on juicy garden leaves.

That is why I want to be a lazy, fat snail!!!!

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Joe's Wisdom - Planting Burnham School's Orchard

TOday the Enviro rangers planted gorgous apple trees. Joe taught us how to plant them. some of us planted three big saplings. Joe cut the bags around the trees. Then we pulled the trees out of the bags that Joe had cut and put them in the holes next to the sapling. Then we put the dirt the around the trees and also flattened down the part around the trees. Next we shoveled the rest of the dirt in to a wheelbarrow. After every thing was finished we found grass grubs . Joe told us to kill them all because they eat roots,grass and plants. by Kayla and Haden