Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Coes Ford

oes ford

On Friday 9Th September all of Burnham school went to Coes ford nature reserve .The students were grouped gold,I was in gold group with Mrs Golding. Our first activity was tree planting I was in a group with lots of people for tree planting I had 3 Buddy’s to start with they were Sam,Hayden and Jamie.Hayden and Jamie got told to go with an adult. Sam and I kept on digging and putting fertilizer pills and the plant into the hole we had dug.We planted two trees. As we were digging I found a bottle. We stacked the bottle with the rest of the recyclable rubbish that was collected.

Next my group went to harakeke weaving, we had a choice of fish or flowers ,"I made a big fish” .The fish was easy but by looking at other people making the flower it looked a lot harder.

We finished with an activity investigating bugs in the river. However a man from Lincoln, he showed all of the school a weta. Some of the parents didn’t appreciate how nice the weta was and screamed. While we were at the river year 6,7 and 8 were allowed to collect the bugs small blue river known as the Selywn river. A water spider went up my leg. Then we went to the main field for lunch. After lunch we went back to school after an awesome day.

Room 7 Dominic

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