Sunday, September 11, 2011

Coe Ford Tree planting Day-

Burnham School- Coes Ford
On Friday the entire Burnham School got rid of their school uniforms and turned up to school in their gardening gear and gumboots to get ready to complete their quest of planting 300 natives plants at Coes Ford.
Other activities that we ponder as we sat in the bus in readiest for the day ahead was harakeke (flax) weaving and what aquatic and terrestrial bugs we would likely to discover.
The awesome response and enthusiasm of parents to muck in and learn beside their siblings was the major highlight of the day. Both students and parents all contributed in completing the quest and their success will be there for furture generations.
Another highlight was Mike Bowie passing on his passion about terrestrial bugs to the children. Some parents weren't so keen about his passion for Weta especially when he brought an actually live one!!! Others children made links between the activities when planting native trees they discovered giantnative worms!!!!!
At the Harakeke weaving , we saw the importance of Harakeke being taught and the custom of weaving the Harakeke. With guidance from Ngai Tahu elders the students were able to make extraordinary fish and flowers made from the Harakeke.
A special mention to Steve(Head Chief) and his apprentice Mr Clarke, whom pulled through and delivered 368 cooked sausageson the barbecue on time. The year ⅞ stepped up organised the distribution of the sausages to the hoards of their peers and parents who were hungry after participating in three rotations
Many thanks must go to lots of people in making this day so successful these include, Jen Rodgers from EnviroSchools, Jason Arnold from Ngai Tahu, Brooke Turner from KakarekeTrust, Steve Brailsford and Adrienne Lomax from the WET Trust - Waihora Ellesmere Trust.

The outlook is to further develop this event annually and continue to strengthen our links with the community and the local environment.

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