Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Taking Rubbish Bins Away

The EnviroGroup have choosen to take the rubbish bins away so we can prevent rubbish and become a rubbish free school. We would really like to make a difference in our school community and this is one way we are doing this.

We came to the decision to remove all outside rubbish bins due to the amount of rubbish being left in our playground, after, before and during school hours. If you are concerned, Tupperware is always available and a smart and efficient way to reduce your child/rens rubbish.

We are often doing rubbish pick ups around the school to stop any extra rubbish from floating around the camp. Yoghurt pottles have been a worry for some parents because some children have been bringing the yoghurt pottles home and the yoghurt has been going throughout lunch boxes but we are working on a solution for to this problem.

While the EnviroGroup work out a school solution, parents may teach their children to rinse their yoghurt pottles out if they have yoghurt at home. Once we have a good solution for school, we will do it and let you know how it is going.

By Tristan and Nicole

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  1. This is a letter written to one parent who wrote to the team about rubbish bins being closed. This letter gave us great feedback which sparked the solution in the next blog post!

    Rob Clarke